BKH Maisy Moo was born on March 30, 2018.  She is our 1st calf of 2018 and Panda Jacks 1st calf.  Her mother is BKH Ana.  She will be a registered Panda.

BKH's Calves

This beautiful little heifer was born on April 13th.  She is out of BKH Elsa and BKH Panda Jack.

BKH Patch was born May20th.  He was our 2nd calf born of 2017. He is a bull calf out of Sadie and Lt. Jimmy.

2018 Calves

This little heifer was born on April 9.  She is out of Panda Jack and BKH Pandarella.

BKH Mooana was born June 24th.  She is Bella's 2nd calf and is a mini version of her.  She is a total sweetheart.

2017 Calves

BKH Boots is our 1st calf of 2017.  She is a beautiful heifer who was born on May 19th.   Her mother is BKH Elsa and father is Lt. Jimmy.